Brandywine Creek Steakhouse & Tavern – Newport, TN

Odd atmosphere (not bad!)
They throw your roll at you,  they use plastic gloves to touch the very very soft roll. What fun!
Now for the bad part the butter had a bad after taste like fridge smell… The bun was light and tasty, just skip the butter (maybe the preplate and store in fridge noooo clue)

They gave me other butter (blamed it on the first butter being Amish ). This butter was good.


Love the tall and clean refreshing mason jar for my ice water.


On to the Hub cap dinner! Only ten bucks!!

The largest chicken fried steak I have ever had it was good but I was hoping for real sirloin not the pressed processe stuff,  but the breading is real and very good. Overall better the average.

The taters and onions, oh my! The were just plain awesome! They were seasoned and cooked to perfection.  These are to die for. 

Green veans were plain, the could have used some salt. Served nice hot.

Service is quick.  I would definitely come back.  Might try the ribeye or the New York steak next time!

Mauri’s Famous Cafe – Antioch, IL

Sausage was very tasty.  Gravy was a tad cold and a bit rich.  Biscuits were basic.  The over easy eggs started to be come over hard but they were saved just in time!


 Now this one was pretty! And I got to have a nice bite full.. It was cooked very nicely, could have use a smidge more spices. 

Waitress: Katie rating 9 of 10 she was fun and we even saved 10% with their raffle. Not sure if anyone can be a 10 but she was cool!

I would  return and try more skillets!